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“Well, I figured I might as well make a voice post. I gotta do it really quick coz my phone is dying, it's beeping in my ears as we speak. Just wanted to update people. Well guess ___ mostly. Sure he knows but. Everything looks good to buy the house. Christine's birthday is coming up. Might as well start plans for that. Janelle's party is this Saturday. That'll be fun I hope. Helping Chris and John move and I think it's about it. Can't figure anything up ___. So wishing everybody good luck and goodbye.”

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Well, I made it home... it snowed last night! I don't mean that in a good way... we had about one inch at the church, when I left I was saying, "Bah! thats nothing!" but as I got closer to home the snow became deeper and deeper... We had four inches on Alpine. Four freaking inches! Krysta knows what I think about the people who frequently drive on alpine... and for these idiots, today was no exception... I had people trying to drive 50 up a snow covered hill toward a stop light... it became obvious to me quite quickly that my life was in danger.... there was eight different spin-outs just in the quarter of a mile from where I came off the Highway to my parking spot ... ... ... lets just say I was happy to be home... I came in and the first thing I did was give my sleeping wife a kiss...

It's good to be home!
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Dear Mother,

I called you to discuss the upcoming holiday season... ... ...not to listen to you piss and moan about not having money...
If you want extra money, start charging Heather and Dorothy some FUCKING rent! I don't care if Jessica is sick again, she is probably sick because of all the FUCKING drugs you pump into her body because you're a FUCKING hypochondriac!  Stop acting like the only people you can trust is doctors, because you can't trust them!  It just pisses me off so much that when your doctor/employer (which should NEVER be the same person, I don't care if you are a nurse) tells you that your Gallbladder isn't working correctly and you need to have it out you just say "Okay, sure, what ever you want! I don't have Insurance right now lets go ahead and cut me open." I cant believe that you never question these people!  I just don't understand you some times... Then when I actually ask you about Christmas you act like it's so far away and we shouldn't even think about something like that right now.... I'M TRYING TO MAKE SOME PLANS HERE!!!!!! ... so I don't piss of anybody... ... ... you know what! FUCK YOU! I'm sick of this SHIT! From now on we'll only talk if you call us... That’s it, Im done.... I'm sick of dad being a Racist and a pig toward everybody except the girl living in your house who is not even your daughter! He treats her better than his own kids,  you know what, I hope SHE reports him for trying to molest her or something, because That’s what's going to FUCKING happen, as soon as she see the money is not coming her way anymore that is what will go down!  and then you'll be even more in the FUCKING hole for money! but really the thing that pisses me off the most of all is what you said in regards to heathers collage/schooling.... You said, "Money is so tight right now that heather will just have to wait on collage..." Then I said, " didn't you fill out the financial aid forms?" Then she said, "Yes, but they're waiting on her act scores..." Then I said, "screw that! just go down to GRCC and talk to a financial Aid Person." Then she said, " They wont even talk to you unless you're registered to the collage... I guess she'll just have to learn a trade..." WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!  Heather should be going to collage to make something of herself, I mean, for god sakes! She had better grades than me, and your just going to waist that?! That is FUCKING RETARDED for you to even think that heather should just go get a trade.... stupid!

~Your Loving son
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I haven't posted much in the last month, I don't really have an excuse... I just don't have that much going on in my life that my significant other does not already know about... which I guess is a good thing! It's nice having somebody to come home to aside from the screaming cats (whom I love)... being married has actually given me a lot to seriously think about, such as;
Managing the finances
: It was neat talking to Krysta tonight about finances, and knowing that we can live comfortably within our means. It's a good feeling.
Looking ahead to the future
We are setting aside money and looking for places to live after Krysta Graduates form collage.
Thinking about starting a family
Recently our sights have been turned toward the prospect of starting a family. Honestly, I can't wait to have some little ones around, especially when we have a nice big farm house... Krysta and I have already picked out names and decided how we will raise the little Beedons (in a couple of years).

We did just buy a Hookah, which has been a dream of Krysta and mine since we met... It's Green with a deer/forest pattern etched into the glass, plus it came with a snake head to smoke from! It's rather snazzy! I'll have to see about putting some photos of it up here...

The Cats have been so funny these last few months, I think they've finally gotten useto the fact that their mommy is here to stay. Today Zorro yawned and meowed at the same time! It was cute. (Boy is that ever pathetic, I'm treating the cats like kids!)

I'll write more later.